About Us

Who We Are

Community & Home Care Solutions, Inc. is a professional supports services agency specialized in providing community and home based non-clinical care to individuals with developmental disabilities and qualifying medical conditions.

What Makes Us Unique

CHCS treasures the bonds created between the individual in need of our services, their family, and our highly qualified support staff. Our individual-focused approach to providing care sets us apart from other leading agencies as we continue to satisfy the medical and emotional needs of those with developmental disabilities. 

Our Mission

We at Community Home Care Solutions, Inc. are committed to working closely with developmentally disabled individuals and their respective circle of support to provide the care and training necessary to enable the individuals to live independently, become active members of their communities, and make informed decisions pertaining to their life and personal goals. 


Meet the Founders - The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Candice Kelley, Owner & CEO


Candice has proven to be highly successful throughout her 26+ years of experience in providing care to persons with developmental/intellectual disabilities. She has practiced as a solo provider, agency provider, and within group home, and ADT settings. Her expertise in this field and her affinity for providing Top-Notch individual-focused care is second to none. Her vigorous work ethic and dedication to her staff, individuals, and support coordinators has aided her in maintaining a stellar reputation over the course of nearly 3 decades.

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Aaron Phillips, Co-Founder & CFO


 Aaron is a highly skilled professional specialized in Business Development and Revenue Cycle Management. His work with developmentally disabled individuals began in 2010 when he was volunteering at a local ADT facility. He continued to expand his knowledge regarding the field of Home and Community Based Services and of Revenue Cycle Management over the course of the following 9 years and returns to the field with nearly a decade of experience and with a wealth of innovative and promising strategies/ideas.

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